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Hi There!!

I'm so happy you found me!! I fell in love with photography when I was only 16 years old. I was immediately in awe of the idea of freezing moments in time. Moments that would be cherished for a lifetime. Over these past 7 years I have worked day in and day out on perfecting my craft to provide the highest quality service to my clients. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for considering this little business of mine. People like you are what make this dream a reality for me. My clients are the reason I get to do what I love every single day. How amazing is that. I hope we get to work together to create some magic and capture memories of a lifetime!! Please fill out an inquiry form and I will be in touch shortly!

A little bit about me...

My names Jessica but you can call me Jess! This little business of mine is about 7 years old. I could've never imagined how it would grow, the adventures it would take me on and the amazing people it would allow me to meet. And to think this is just the beginning. This is such a passion of mine and i can't believe i get to persue it everyday. I recently graduated with my bachelors degree in nursing. Although nursing is another passion of mine i have currently put it on the back burner to give this business of mine my all. I am engaged with two miniature dachshunds. When i say they are our children i'm not kidding. They are so spoiled rotten its not even funny! My business is based out of Dayton, OH but i LOVE to travel anywhere and everywhere. I hope we get the opportunity to meet and make some amazing memories!!

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